Heritage & Listed Building Surveys

Here at Castle Surveys we appreciate the importance of recording and capturing our historic sites.

Using the latest surveying equipment and technology such as Far & Leica 3D laser scanners and 3D photogrammetry, we are able to provided detailed and accurate floor plans, elevations, sectional data and topographic site surveys of any heritage site in the UK.

Listed Buildings come in three categories:

  • Grade 1 listed buildings of the highest significance.
  • Grade 2 * listed buildings with extra merit such as outstanding interior
  • Grade 2 listed builds are of special interest and the majority fall under this category.

For owners, this means there will be extra control over what changes can be made to the building interior and exterior. Owners will need to apply for Listed Building Consent for most types of work that can affect the special architectural or historical interest of their home. Due to this, the owner/occupier would need a detailed set of floor plans, elevations, sections and topographic land surveys. These surveys fall under the RICS Survey Detail Accuracy Band C/D.

To find out if your building is listed, then Historic England would be your first point of contact.